Account for Your Needs and Wants

ChecklistWhen buying a Florida home, it is essential to have a full understanding of what you need, and what you want.  Putting together a prioritized list of your requirements can really help fine tune your search and help smooth out the buying process.  Your needs and wants list should concern the home itself and also the type of community that you desire.  To the degree possible, your list should include factors that are important to you now, and factors that will be important to you in the future.

Even if you have an implicit understanding of what you desire in a home, putting things down on paper is a good idea.  Oftentimes, when you create a formal list, you’ll think of things you wouldn’t normally consider.  Having a prioritized list can also help you avoid falling head-over-heels for a home.  While there’s certainly nothing wrong with loving the house you buy, make sure you buy that house with a clear head.  If you’ve found your dream home – great, but make sure to score it against your checklist; just because the house is built in the classic Florida architectural style you love, with four bedrooms and pool doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice.  Having a clear, prioritized list can help you fully understand how the house compares with its contenders in terms of cost, features, community amenities and other factors important to you.

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So You’re Going to Buy a Florida Home…

Baldwin Park Florida

Homeownership is perhaps the key element of the American Dream and finding the perfect house is often an exciting process for first time and veteran home buyers alike.  However, the purchasing process is also complex and can carry significant and long-lasting consequences.  Our goal is to help you find the Florida home of your dreams in a neighborhood that you love.  To that end, over the next few months or so we’ll publish some information about things to consider when buying a home in Florida.  We’ll also publish other facts, information and news as we get it.  We hope you’ll find this guide useful and informative.  Happy hunting!

- The Mover’s Atlas Team