Why Orlando is a Great Place to Live for Young Professionals

Orlando, Florida is a growing city that brings in more and more young professionals every year. Downtown Orlando has become a hub for those in their early to late 20s looking for employment fresh out of college. Forbes ranked Orlando, FL as Move to Orlando Floridathe 3rd happiest place for young professionals in America, ranking just below Fort Lauderdale (also in Florida). CareerBliss ranked it 15th based on things like work-life balance and work environment. The combination of professional networking organizations and a great nightlife make Orlando quite an attractive area for the young professional.

Orlando’s many networking organizations such as YPN, OYP and YNPN make this a great place to meet others in your field, gain access to people with lots of experience in any given field and provide you with opportunities for working, learning and growing. Young professionals in Orlando work in a variety of fields from real estate to fashion to law and even the tech industry. For each person, there are specific organizations that cater to their particular field or interest and it seems that there is always some event being hosted in Orlando. You will have access to many events from Red Carpet Mondays to OYP monthly meetups and what with the relatively low cost of living (as compared to other major cities such as NY and LA), your money will go much further than you might expect living in a big city.

There are plenty of opportunities to network and grab after-work cocktails at a chic bar downtown with your coworkers. Going out, socializing and just decompressing after a long week at work is very important to many young professionals and that is very easy to do in Orlando. Many cities have bars and restaurants but what separates Orlando from the rest is the high caliber bars and restaurants in the area, providing for a more professional and classy experience. The nightlife in downtown Orlando includes everything from Salsa clubs to Sushi places to dancing clubs leaving you with plenty to do, any night of the week.

On weekends, there are Farmer’s Markets and plenty of people jogging around Lake Eola to stay healthy and keep up your figure. These are both great places to meet other young people such as yourself and strike up a conversation. Who knows what could happen? So if you’re a young professional and looking for a place to launch your career, come to Orlando and give it a try!

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