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Florida CommunityRemember that when you buy a house, you’re also buying the neighborhood.  The surrounding community will have a major effect on how much you enjoy living in the house you ultimately select.  When you consider your needs and wants don’t just focus on the characteristics you desire in a home, think about the type of community you want to live in as well.  The fact communities play such a large role in the enjoyment of a home is the driving force behind the creation of Mover’s Atlas.

For instance, you might be looking at a really nice house a few miles outside of a university.  Even though the school is over 2 miles away you notice that a lot of homes in the subdivision look like they’re being rented out to college kids.  Is this an important factor for you?  If you’ve just started a family, it might be.  In that case you’ll probably want a more stable neighborhood with a higher proportion of families like yours.  On the other hand, if you’re buying the house for investment purposes, you might not be bothered at all.  The point is that you should be aware of the community you’re buying into and account for it in your list of needs and wants.  A few other features people commonly think about are as follows:

Public schools – are they important to you?  Even if you don’t have kids, locating in an area with quality schools is always a good idea since it increases the resale value of your home.  Do you enjoy outdoor activities – what kind of community amenities would you like to have; a park, a golf course, a hiking trail perhaps?  What about municipal services – is being close to a fire station or police station important to you?

These are all factors to evaluate when you’re looking at Florida homes.  While the house itself is the most important thing to consider, think about the community too.  A little homework up front can really help you pick out a house and community that fit with your lifestyle.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Would love to know what you guys feel are the most important amenities in a neighborhood. I guess it depends on the person, so how about a guy in his late twenties who doesn’t have immediate family plans? :)

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