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3 Reasons Why Indian Harbour Beach is a Great Place to Live

Back by popular demand! The small little city located on the east coast with an everlasting moto of “The greatest little city in Florida!” who could ever resist? Indian Harbour Beach, Florida is a part of the Palm Bay/Melbourne area in Brevard County with a total population around 9,000 people.

What makes Indian Harbour Beach so inviting? Maybe it’s because not many people know about it or maybe because the economy is thriving in this small beach community. We did some digging and were able to discover a lot of reasons why people love this city. Keep reading to explore just a few of the many things that make Indian Harbour Beach so great.

1. Friendly Small Town Feel

So it’s not quite the Cheers bar where everyone knows your name but it is really small, at just over 2 square miles
indian harbour beach fl real estateyour neighbors and friends are never more than a couple of miles away(literally). Also, considering the geographical location of the city the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River are just a stone’s throw away. To further the point of this being a great caring city, they have a fire department that is 100% volunteer consisting of over 30 members.

2. Great Demographics

As most small beach communities get judged to be “retirement” cities the demographics of this city support typical
working families. The average age is right at 50 years old with an estimated household income of around $52,000 per year compared to the entire state which is about $6,000 less. The estimated median house or condo value is around $180,000 compared to the entire state of $150,000, this seems high in comparison but if you consider most of this property would be consider “beach front” it is easily justified.

3. Good Location

The ideal part about being in a small town with great economics and plenty of spots to fish and boat is the location away from heavily populated areas but yet still right down the street from everything you would want. For example there is Florida Institute of Technology just 7 miles away or even Patrick Air Force Base is just 6 miles away. Cocoa beach is just 11 miles away with even more opportunity for such attractions like the Merritt Square Mall, Brevard Zoo, Ron Jon’s Surf Shop, and Port Canaveral. This is just a small list of what is located right around Indian Harbour Beach.

If you are looking for a very safe, quiet and affordable beach city this may be your best bet! There are plenty of homes available to rent or buy along with condos and townhomes. You will be surrounding yourself with a great community off the beaten path for surreal Florida beach living.

If you are interested in potentially moving to Indian Harbour Beach, Florida I encourage you to research the communities and neighborhoods in the area by using the MoveMap tool on! Remember there is no life like Salt Life.


4 Serious Warning Signs To Look For When Buying A Home

Buying a home is one of the most stressful things a person can go through. But for some people the stress doesn’t end when they finally close on what they thought was there dream home. Occasionally there are instances where new things to look for when buying a homehomeowners find major issues with their home that were not known by the previous owner leaving them stuck with even more expenses and frustration. Well we want to try and prevent that from happening to you! There are some specific warning signs you should look when searching a home that may save you from the above situation.

There are items that may seem to be “warning signs” but in reality are things that are just unappealing and can, for the most part, be overlooked such as outdated appliances, cabinets and what I consider “misguided” paint selections.  What we are going to focus on in this post are more serious problems that are much more costly to fix.

The first line of defense and probably one of the most important things you should do when buying a home is to get a home inspection! The home inspection needs to be completed by a licensed professional and they will be able to point out most problems but you will still need to go through the inspection reports and determine whether you are comfortable with the problems or if you would want to walk away from the deal.  Keep in mind some of the issues may be great opportunities for negotiating a lower price but some of the issues could be REAL deal breakers.

1. Roof replacement – although roofs can last for many years, the weather is very harsh particularly in the state of Florida where the heat is extreme and the rain and storms can be even worse.  Even if the report shows the roof is not leaking nor has no history of problems it is wise to potentially get a second opinion from a roofing contractor.  Even if the roof has a 30 year shingle on it does not mean it will hold up for 30 years.  Oh and for the record the replacement cost could range anywhere from $8,000-$30,000 depending on the size of the house and type of roof.
2. Flood Zones – Even though the entire state of Florida is pretty much right at sea level does not mean you are in a flood zone….technically.  The biggest issue with being in a flood zone besides the water potentially coming into your house is the previous damage that could have already happened that you may never know which could cause mold and rotting wood.  Just remember you can’t predict the weather but if you are buying a house in a flood zone you could be setting yourself up for problems in the future.
3. Electrical system – It doesn’t take an electrician to know if the electrical system is old, your first clue will be the age of the main panel box and the age of the house.  Typically if the panel looks as old as the house and the house is close to 30 years old, there is a huge chance you could have a fire hazard on your hands.  Replacement cost is in the thousands of dollars.
4. Plumbing system – This is just another part of the infrastructure that will be thoroughly inspected by the home inspection.  Some plumbing issues could be easily overlooked by the inspector for instance if the toilet flushes slowly, this goes the same for any of the sinks or baths if they don’t drain properly.  The inspector could make a note of the minor issue they noticed and you may find out later on that drain-o isn’t the solution and there could be a larger issue with pipes and plumbing system.  If there is any question I would hire a professional to further investigate.

Bottom line is, if you don’t ask you will never find out.  It seems like a lot of work but do as much due diligence as possible, remember you are making a huge investment and we want to make sure you make the right decision!

Above and beyond issues with the house itself you will also want to do some research on the neighborhood and community that your potential new house is in…That’s where MoversAtlas comes into play! Our interactive MoveMap shows you all sorts of useful information that will help you determine whether the Florida neighborhood or community that your potential house is in is right for you!

5 Fantastic Reasons To Move To Miami FL

If you’ve never been to Miami, Florida, you owe yourself at least one visit.  Miami is a beautiful, vibrant metropolis that bridges the divide between north and South America both culturally and geographically.  Miami is an economic heavy-Shoudl I Move To Miami floridaweight with a bustling port, and thriving finance, commerce, media, entertainment and tourism trades.  Miami is also the only major American city founded by a woman – Julia Tuttle, bought hundreds of acres back in 1875 believing that the area had the potential to become a trading hub between North and South America.  She was right.  Sure, Miami has its issues: a face eating pseudo-zombie, morally questionable politicians, and drivers with a death wish, but it’s still a great place to live.  Here’s why:

1. The Climate – Miami, like much of Florida is subtropical.  Being as far south as it is, the winters are extremely mild.  While New York and Chicago were suffering through the ‘polar vortex’ last year, folks in Miami we’re enjoying 60-70 degree weather.  That means they were walking around in T-shirts and shorts appreciating the scenic coconut palms through their stylish sunglasses.  There’s no snow to shovel in Miami and being able to enjoy the beach in January is par for the course.  Sure, the 90 degree summers and intense humidity can be a drag, but the sheer volume of bikini clad women is compensation enough for the summer heat.

2. The Beach – OK, this one is obvious.  Miami’s beaches are world famous, but they’re famous for a reason.  Crandon Park Beach is known as the party beach.  A visit might include a model sighting or two and topless sunbathing is not only allowed but encouraged.  Need we say more?  If you’re looking for a more family friendly beach, you can head over to Matheson Hammock Park Beach, which is actually a man-made lagoon fed by the gentle tidal movements of Biscayne Bay.  It’s calm and secluded – making it a nice spot to bring the kids.  If you’re more into surfing, you can drop by Haulover Beach.  It seems to get Miami’s biggest swells, but get there early to avoid the aggressive semi-pros who think they’re training for the professional circuit.

3. The Nightlife – Night clubs aren’t for everyone, but if you’re single and in your twenties or thirties, chances are you will like what Miami has to offer; Miami has some of the best night clubs in the world.  There are tons of options, no matter what you’re into, but we’ll discuss a few of the more famous ones here.  Mansion Nightclub is one Miami’s famous party spots.  Often visited by models and hip hop celebs, the sound system is impeccable, the light shows are phenomenal and the guests are beautiful.  The drinks are very expensive and you have to be well dressed to get through the door though.  Mynt Lounge is a futuristic themed club frequented by actors, models and celebrities.  It’s very exclusive and quite pricey.  Finally, Nikki Beach is an open air club under the palm trees at the tip of Ocean Drive.  It’s an upscale restaurant by day and transforms into a dance club and lounge at night.  During the weekend nights, “anything goes”.

4. Fashion – If you’re into fashion, Miami is your spot in the southeast. There are three major fashion hubs in the US: Los Angeles, New York, and Miami…Miami doesn’t have apocalyptic traffic or nasty winters though.  The city is home to worldwide modeling agencies such as Wilhelmina Models, Elite Model Management, and the William Morris Agency, along with renowned local agencies like The Green Agency.  Miami has also been a home to designers such as Bruce Weber and Gianni Versace.  If you’re more into shopping, Miami has a number of high fashion shopping destinations as well.  The Webster Miami is a 20,000 square foot boutique that resides in an old art deco building in Miami’s South Beach area.  It sells a variety of hard-to-find, exclusive brands.  You can also visit the Miami Design District, which houses a number of high end boutiques in close proximity.  Finally, Miami has three major fashion weeks: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, Miami Beach International Fashion Week, and Funkshion Fashion Week.

5. Real Estate – While real estate prices may not be a great reason to move to a place on their own, they might give you the final push.  The real estate market in south Florida, especially Miami, has been strong recently and will likely remain so.  So if you’re looking for a tropical paradise with a good return on your property investment, Miami might be the place for you.

We hope this blog has turned you on to some of the great reasons to move to Miami.  If you’re curious about specific neighborhoods in Miami, check out our MoveMap.  It will tell you everything you need to know about a community before you ever set foot there!