What are some of the most affordable beach cities to live in Florida?


I have been thinking about moving to Florida for a while now and I really want to live near the beach. I now there are a lot of beach cities in FL that are very expensive but I was wondering if there were any beach cities that are on the cheaper side that have more affordable houses. I am not looking for something right on the water but close by and reasonably priced.

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Hello and thanks for your question!

You are correct, there are some very expensive beach cities in Florida. However, many people do not realize that there are also a lot of affordable beach cities in FL that nearly anyone could afford to buy or rent in. Although you may not be able to afford a property right on the beach or the water there are plenty of cities with homes minutes from the beach with very affordable prices.

A few of these cities are:

Indian Harbour Beach
Vero Beach
Fort Myers Beach

We also have a few informative blog posts about some of the best beach cities in Florida that may also help you out with your search and you can view them at the links below!




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