Most Affordable Beach Cities to Live in Florida

Finding a place to live typically has a lot weighing on things like amenities, crime rates, school zones, local to a work place and of course cost.  Cost is sometimes an interesting topic because each household income varies and what one person most affordable beach cities to live in floridafeels comfortable paying relies heavily on the persons own circumstances and opinion.  For many people living by the beach is something they see as over priced and out of their budget but that isn’t always the case. Going off of the average household income in the U.S being around $51,000 as a bench mark there are still beach cities in Florida that are affordable for the average person or family.  The rule of thumb is the more desirable locations are going to cost more but the following list shows some of Florida’s beach towns that are actually affordable!

Indian Harbour Beach

The first one is Indian Harbour Beach which maybe one that even Floridians are not real familiar with.  Their motto is “The Greatest little City in Florida” which could be for good reason!  The city falls under a more well-known Brevard county but has a small census.  The median income in this city is around $56,000 and while this is slightly above the national average this doesn’t drive up the household costs sky high like other beach towns such as West Palm Beach or Ft. Lauderdale.  Indian Harbour is a quaint little town with average house sales around $180,000 keeping this beach town as a top candidate.


Fort Myers Beach

The next destination takes us to the west coast right on the Gulf known for the white sand beaches and warmer waters.  Fort Myers Beach is slightly bigger than the last location at a population of 6,277.  Fort Myers is more of a well-known city under the jurisdiction of Lee County.  The town is affordable with the median household sales around $185,000 and all the amenities any beach town has.   The location of this town is nicely placed just outside of very desirable areas such a Sanibel and Captiva island which makes it perfect for Saturday afternoon beach days and sightseeing.  Fort Myers’ economy is rebounding much like the rest of the country but there are still many houses that can be found as outstanding deals.

Vero Beach

Last but not least in this list goes back to the east coast of Florida. A more well-known city Vero Beach which falls under Indian River County.  Vero’s motto is “Where the Tropics Begin” which is exactly what you are looking for in any beach town.  The town is larger with around 15,000 people with a median household income of $35,000 in 2011.  The average houses and condos are selling for around $200,000 and are well known for their intercostal waterway “Indian River Lagoon” excellent for fishing, boating and kayaking.  The location is right near the two large shopping malls and specialty shops along the barrier island known as the “Miracle Mile”.

There are many small beach towns in the state of Florida with many different variations in size, population and cost.  Coastal living to most may seem unattainable but by shopping carefully there are actually very affordable beach homes still around.  By using tools like your dream home on the beach or inland is just a click away!

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