Tips on How to prepare for Your Move

There is something exciting about finding a new place to live.  Whether it’s a new apartment, condo, first home or you are relocating to another town there is something thrilling about the search and finding that perfect place.  There really isMoving Advice and Tips “no place like home” no matter where it is, what size or who it’s with.  Your credit has been checked, you have signed so many documents you realize you were just scribbling nonsense instead of your name but finally they hand over the keys!  Now for the bad part, it’s time to pack up and move!  Depending on your situation, where you are moving, how many people are moving with you  and how much stuff you have accumulated over the years will determine on if these items relate to you or not.

The preliminary items that could have already been completed during the house hunt might begin with verifying an address change with the post office along with going to each one of your credit cards, banks, PayPal, Amazon, the power company, water, cable and any other service that mails you bills or is connected to your electronic bill pay and with your future address.  Other items would be such things as contacting lawn services, delivery service, the pool guy or any other service that may come out automatically.  These items are ones that are often put off till you have already moved meanwhile the mail gets returned or services still get provided and you get stuck with the bill or end up having to track down important items ordered from amazon!  Keep in mind this is just the start.

Before you begin to round up all your friends that drive trucks and are willing to work for beer and pizza its always wise to take a good look at all of your belongings.  It would be best to go through closets, junk drawers (yea I have several), underneath beds, garage shelves and even attic space.  These locations hold most of the items you haven’t touched in years or you totally forgot you had.  This is a perfect time to donate, have a garage sale, and pass down to another family member or just pull out the old circular filing cabinet just in time for trash day.

After you have completed a good purge it’s a good idea to start with the big stuff.  After being sure everything is out of the attic it would be time to begin disassembling the beds, mirrors from dressers, sectional couches, tables, entertainment centers, surround sound and anything else that can be taken apart to lighten up and enable it to easy get down stairs and through doors.  Take things like clothing and pack them in suit cases and place things like towels or linen in trash bags, any of these little things makes a huge difference for you AND your friends you blackmailed to help.

When the big day comes the best plan is to have as much packed, boxed, wrapped and marked so when the trucks back up the driveway and the help arrives (or not) it turns into a grab and go.  Items like kitchenware, flatware and glassware are the never ending items that go best in boxes neatly wrapped with clear markings ultimately these items can really be taken care of on your own.  This way the items in the china cabinet and the wine glasses you got for a wedding gift are well cared for and remain unbroken.   It is important during the move that the items are staged in the proper rooms at the new location, this will make things much faster when you are beginning to unpack and you aren’t having to move everything several times.

All in all it is probably safe to say that most really dread moving, but with careful planning and diligent execution it is possible to turn it from total chaos (The Hangover 3) to a strategic transport (Mission Impossible).  Good luck and happy packing!

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