Where can I find Florida sinkhole information?


I am thinking about buying a new home in Florida and have already found a few potential properties that I am very interested in. However, I have heard a lot of about sinkholes in Florida and I was hoping to find out if the houses I am looking at are close to any current sink holes or if they are in areas that have an abundance of sinkholes.

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Thank you for your question! Sinkholes are a serious issue in Florida and researching sinkholes around your new potential house is definitely a good decision. MoversAtlas actually has a great tool that shows Florida sinkholes on an interactive map.

You can type in the address of the homes you are researching and view any sinkholes near that address. You can also search for sinkholes in Florida by zip code, city, and county.

You can view the interactive Florida sinkhole map at the link below:


Good luck with your home search and please let us know if you have any other questions or need any additional information.


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