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Skipping or skimping on the home inspection can be really tempting.  After all, you’ve already found a house you love in a neighborhood you really like, and the price is great.  Now all you want to do is sign the papers and move in.  Why worry Buying a home in Floridaabout the home inspection, even if it’s only around $250 – $500?

Unnecessary as it may seem, getting a professional home inspection is something that’s really important for home buyers to do.  You might think that having walked through the house, you’ve seen everything you need to see, so there’s no need to go all-out on the home inspection.  However, a good home inspector can catch things that ordinary people just touring the house wouldn’t notice.

For the most part, sellers and real estate agents representing sellers are required to disclose any defects in the house, however, they can only tell you about the problems that they’re aware of.  Certain problems, such as termite or foundation damage can take years to occur and happen so insidiously that the seller may not even be aware of the issue.  For obvious reasons, an unscrupulous seller might also choose not to disclose defects in the house that he feels would affect its resale value to you or to his real estate agent.

Adam Green, a structural engineer who specializes in foundation repair, had this to say:

“While homeowners are often hesitant to pay for home inspections and structural engineer reports, the long-term benefits of these reports could save you more in the long run—especially if it’s determined that your property needs a foundation repair remediation plan.” – Adam Green, Crosstown Engineering”

By helping you avoid buying a house with costly problems such as termite damage or a flawed foundation, a home inspection can save you thousands of dollars.  Home inspectors can also highlight more routine maintenance issues.  If your inspector points out that the air conditioner unit is 10 years old or that the roof needs to be replaced, you might be able to negotiate a better deal with the seller.  The $250 – $500 people typically spend on a home inspection is miniscule compared to the home’s price and the money it could save you in the event that there is a problem.  So even though it may seem like an extra step, make sure you find a reputable home inspector, who’s independent of your lender or real estate agent to investigate the house for you before you buy it.

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